We believe in co-operation and the sharing of ideas and are indebted to the thinking and work being done in the co-operative, media, new economy, tech and other related sectors to re-imagine old models and improve our society. We're proud to be able to join with, and support, others who are working and campaigning for improved democratic ownership and participation not just in our media, but in organisations and institutions across the public and private sectors.

The credits and links that are added to this page highlight some of the many ideas, projects and organisations we have found to be particularly relevant to our work. Regardless of whether we agree or differ on details or whether we use all or none of the suggestions made, the various social, political, technical, philosophical, organisational and media-related issues these groups are addressing, have helped provide inspiration, information and reflection for us as we continue to develop our project.

Though this list of 'idea' resources (individuals and organisations) is but a small selection (and can never be comprehensive), we are choosing to highlight some here by way of grateful acknowledgement; as a way of signposting ('where we are coming from'); and as resources for general use to encourage everyone interested in our vision and our work, to know and support their work too.


    Bauwens, Michel
    BECTU (Broadcasting,Entertainment, Cinema and Television Union)
    Bella Caledonia
    Bollier, David
    The Bristol Cable
    Bureau of Investigative Journalism
    Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
    Campfire Convention
    Centre for Investigative Journalism
    Commons Based Reciprocity Licence
    Common Space
    Commons Transition
    Community Media Association
    Community Shares
    Cooperatives UK
    Corporate Watch
    Creative Commons
    Davies-Coates, Joseph
    Evolve Politics
    Fair Shares Association
    The Ferret
    Free Software Foundation
    GFTU (General Federation of Trade Unions)
    Independent Media Centre
    Internet of Ownership
    Jones, Owen
    Mason, Paul
    Media Diversified
    The Media Fund
    Media Lens
    Media Reform Coalition
    The Meteor
    Micky Metts
    NUJ (National Union of Journalists)
    Neontetra Films
    New Internationalist
    Novara Media
    Open Coop
    Open Source Initiative
    Ostrom, Elinor
    Pilger, John
    Platform Cooperativism
    Positive News
    Prospect Union
    Radical Film Network
    Real Media
    Red Pepper
    Reel News
    Rushkoff, Douglas
    Salford Star
    Schneider, Nathan
    Scholz, Trebor
    Schor, Juliet
    The Skwawkbox
    Snow, Jon
    Sociocracy 3.0
    Sociocracy For All
    TUC (Trades Union Congress)
    VisionOn TV
    Zuboff, Shoshana


    Please feel free to recommend other ideas, work or resources that you would like us to consider exploring and adding to the above list.


    (Note: BTW, inclusion of a name here does not imply automatic endorsement of our work by that person or organisation - although we hope they may support our co-operative vision, inspired by their ideas, to support those working towards a fairer and better society for all.)