We're proud to be able to join with others who are working and campaigning for improved democratic ownership and participation in our media as well as in organisations and institutions acros the public and private sectors.

These links highlight some of the many ideas, projects and organisations we have found to be particularly relevant to our work. The various social, political, organisational and media issues these groups are addressing, have helped to inspire us and inform the basis for developing our project.  

We list them here by way of grateful acknowledgement; as resources for general use; and to encourage everyone who supports our vision and own work, to know and support their work too.


    Bureau of Investigative Journalism
    Campaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom
    Centre for Investigative Journalism
    Community Media Association
    Community Shares
    Co-operatives UK
    Creative Commons
    Fair Shares Association
    Free Software Foundation
    Independent Media Centre
    Internet of Ownership
    The Media Fund
    Media Reform Coalition
    Open Co-op
    Open Democracy
    Open Source Initiative
    Platform Co-operativism
    Radical Film Network