Working Together

Through discussions with media trade unions, co-operatives, campaign groups and community organisations and other groups, we've been developing a project to provide a progressive, alternative UK media platform - owned, curated and managed by its users - to aggregate and amplify lesser heard voices, frequently marginalised or ignored by mainstream media in the UK.


When launched, the platform, DEEPVIEW, will complement, enhance and strengthen the work of community and grass-roots organisations. Editorially independent, we will be working with partners such as trade unions, community organisations, educational institutions, voluntary and grass-roots organisations to provide a collective home for programming that unites the voices of the labour-movement, community groups and social action initiatives in the fight for Equality, Justice and Democracy and a better and more prosperous society that can be shared by us all.


It is designed to support the work of independent social content creators - filmmakers, journalists, unions, co-operatives, non-profit and community organisations, charities, social enterprise organisations. Through the curation and sharing of this work, we can help connect to a growing audience interested in looking deeper than the mainstream headlines, into the real storiesand issues that highlight our society's failings, our achievements, and how we can all contribute towards a better, fairer, more democratic society, across our platform, co-operatively.


Members will have access to our online film libraries of documentaries, drama, historic archival content, as well as other programming such as news, interviews, discussions and live coverage of public events. Whilst we will focus on content with a social or cultural conscience, we want our films, programming and subject treatments to be engaging, relevant, refreshing, thoughtful and forward thinking in outlook.


Content will be acquired or developed with filmmakers and organisations, to cover a range of social themes, topics and issues, including (but not be limited to):-
Employment, Labour Conditions and Workers' Rights; Trade Unions and Labour Movements; Social Enterprise and Co-operative Movements; Finance, Industry and Commerce; Human Rights and Justice; Sustainable Communities, Ecology and Environment, Circular Economies, Transition Towns; Social and Affordable Housing; Education, Health and Social Welfare; Art, Music, Culture, Media and Technology; Democracy and Electoral Reform; Personal Privacy and State Security; Inclusivity, Diversity and Equality; Campaigning, Activism and Protest.



We're now in private Beta and would like to connect with organisations ready to support this vision and collaborate in the building of a network of content resources for DEEPVIEW. and provide input to the proposed co-operative framework.

2014: TV platform idea proposed
2015: TV platform proposal gains formal support at BECTU Annual Conference (May); Progressive TV company registered (May); Progressive TV promotion and consultations at TUC Congress (Sept).
2016: Union progress meeting (March); revised technical and business models developed (May to September); launch of private beta of MVP announced at the Media Democracy Festival (December).
2017: Continued development of appropriate web, organisational and user frameworks that will support an editorially independent, freely accessible yet sustainable business model. Entered into discussions with Ofcom in preparation for licence application prior to imminent launch.
2018: Launching Beta/MVP in first quarter of 2018. We are inviting potential content providers to help finalise the project, and this will directly shape our programming, technology and our organisation. Project details will be made available on our website in due course.


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