See different.


We see
 ways that society can be fairer and better for everyone.

We want to celebrate
the amazing work and vision of hardworking journalists, filmmakers, campaigners, community organisations and others working to highlight social issues and offer positive alternatives.

We're developing
a new approach to television.


We're building
a platform to complement mainstream media by supporting and empowering
other voices seeking and offering positive social change.

We're promoting
 progressive views, values and voices in order to offer the opportunity for real debate and dialogue
that challenges the existing bias in mainstream media.

We're supporting
filmmakers and content owners, acknowledging their endeavours by highlighting films and videos
that cover people, stories, topics and issues frequently marginalised by the mainstream broadcast media.


We're working
towards an egalitarian, equitable and ethical programming and business model
that will share ownership and revenues with content owners, staff and our audience.

We're embracing
technology to provide a simple, cost-effective, scaleable platform for the benefit of users.

We're involving
all communities across the UK to truly reflect the richness and diversity of ideas and people in our society.


We're collaborating
not only with bright, original, dedicated filmmakers and journalists,
but also with trade unions, co-operatives, social enterprises, educational institutions,
social activists, community and grass roots organisations and socially-conscious individuals.

We're doing this
because we believe in a better world.

We're seeing 'different'.


Join us.